I am Carles Gabarrella and I have been photographing weddings since I was 18.

Personalization, exclusivity and naturalness are the main characteristics of my work as a photographer.

What I like is to have a personal treatment with the couple.  To connect with you in order to know exactly what you want, what you expect, to know better which your worries are and how I can contribute, as a photographer, to make from the wedding an experience even better. When I mention personalization I also refer to all the process I follow the day of the wedding, to the final result as well as to the material support of this result once it is finished. Every decision is discussed and agreed with you.

Due to all this, due to this close treatment and the clearly defined style of my photographies and videos, I only accept one wedding per day. That is why I talk also about exclusivity. The ones that have it are those who have chosen me first.

Last but not least, when it comes to my style I must mention naturalness. When I take pictures I search moments, spontaneous expressions and emotions, whereas I try to avoid false smiles and rigid positions. What I want is to reflect through my camera what it really happened.

Because I do not want to create a story. I want to photograph your story.